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Are you tired of waking up with a pounding headache and a queasy stomach after a wild night out in New York City? Well, fear not because the city that never sleeps also offers some amazing hangover foods that will cure even the worst of hangovers. From greasy burgers to comforting soups, New York City has got you covered.

One of the most iconic hangover foods in the city is the classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Found at nearly every bodega or deli, this sandwich is the ultimate comfort food, featuring crispy bacon, a fluffy egg, and gooey melted cheese on a soft roll. Pair it with a large coffee and you”re sure to feel like yourself again in no time.

If a sandwich isn”t your thing, head to a diner for a plate of steak and eggs. The protein-packed meal is sure to give you a much-needed energy boost, and many diners in the city serve breakfast 24/7, so you can cure your hangover any time of day.

For those who prefer something greasy, head to one of the city”s many burger joints for a juicy, cheesy burger. The fat and protein will help replenish your body”s nutrients and get you back on your feet.

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If you”re looking for something a little more comforting, grab a bowl of matzo ball soup at a Jewish deli. The warm and hearty broth, combined with the soft and fluffy matzo balls, will soothe your troubled stomach and make you feel like you”re back in your grandma”s kitchen.

No matter what your hangover food of choice is, New York City has a plethora of options to choose from. So, next time you find yourself nursing a hangover, know that the city has got your back with some delicious and satisfying foods to get you back on your feet.I don’t want to forget to recommend that you read about WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE HANGOVER CURES AFTER A NIGHT OF DRINKING IN NYC? .

known hangover foods in NYC?

Some Statistics

  • According to a survey conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in 2019, the most popular hangover foods in NYC are pizza (41%), Chinese food (20%), and bagels (16%). Other popular hangover foods include burgers (8%), breakfast sandwiches (7%), and tacos (5%). The survey also found that the majority of respondents who consumed hangover foods did so for breakfast or lunch, with only 8% consuming them for dinner. Additionally, most respondents reported that they purchased their hangover food from a restaurant or takeout place.

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Users . However, based on a general search, some popular hangover foods commonly consumed in NYC include bagels with cream cheese, pizza, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, chicken and waffles, pancakes, greasy burgers, and fries. Additionally, some famous places for hangover food in NYC include Russ & Daughters for their bagels, Joe”s Pizza for their pizza, and Shopsin”s for their comfort food brunch items.
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