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The morning-after headache, nausea, and overall feeling of malaise that comes with a hangover can ruin anyone”s day. For years, people have turned to various remedies to try to prevent or reduce these symptoms, from drinking plenty of water to consuming carb-heavy meals. However, a new remedy has hit the scene, suggesting that drinking a can of White Claw with a meal can be the key to preventing a hangover altogether. But is there truth to this claim or is it just another myth? In this article, we”ll take a closer look at the science behind this potential hangover cure and evaluate whether White Claw is really the answer to our boozy woes.I don’t want to forget to recommend you to read about CAN DRINKING WHITE CLAW BEFORE GOING TO BED PREVENT A HANGOVER? .

Is it true that drinking White Claw with a meal can prevent a hangover?

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