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Have you ever wondered if your trusty Alka Seltzer medication can expire or go bad over time? Well, the answer is yes, just like any other medication, Alka Seltzer has a shelf life and can go bad.

So, what exactly makes Alka Seltzer go bad over time? The active ingredients, including aspirin, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate, can lose their potency over time, making the medication less effective. Additionally, Alka Seltzer tablets can absorb moisture from the air, which can affect their efficacy as well.

The expiration date on Alka Seltzer packaging serves as a guideline for when the medication will begin to lose its potency. However, it”s important to note that this date doesn”t necessarily mean that Alka Seltzer will become harmful or toxic after this date; it simply means that the medication may not work as well as it should.

If you have a bottle of Alka Seltzer sitting around that has expired, it”s best to dispose of it and get a new bottle. Taking expired medication can be dangerous and may cause unexpected side effects.

To ensure that your Alka Seltzer stays effective for as long as possible, store it in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing the medication in places that are humid, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

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Alka Seltzer can go bad over time just like any other medication. It”s essential to check the expiration date on the packaging and dispose of any expired medication. By properly storing your Alka Seltzer and checking its expiration date, you can ensure that it stays effective when you need it most.You also could see another post where we talk about CAN ALKA SELTZER BE TAKEN WITH DIURETICS? .

Can Alka Seltzer go bad?


  • No, AlkaSeltzer does not go bad. According to the manufacturer, Bayer, AlkaSeltzer tablets have an indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. The active ingredients in AlkaSeltzer are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, both of which are stable and will not break down over time.

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